What we do

Colorectal cancer organoids

Cellesce has launched a range of colorectal cancer organoids for applications in drug discovery. This is our first commercial offer and available now.

We will soon add organoids from other tissues including normal colorectal organoid cell lines to our product range. Visit our products & services page to find out more.

Revolutionising Cancer Drug Discovery

Organoid models are a powerful new enabling technology in cancer drug discovery. Because organoids are closer to in vivo tissue structure than other available models, they give more accurate responses to drug candidates. Using organoids in drug discovery assays, pharmaceutical companies can pick ‘winners’ earlier and weed out ‘losers’ before incurring high development costs.

Contract Bioprocessing

Cellesce is expert in bioprocessing and 3D cell culture including the growing and expansion of organoids. We can assist with the design and development of bioreactors and peripheral systems for a variety of use cases. Please contact us for further information.

Why Cellesce?

3D bioprocessing capability

The Cellesce team comprises experts in biochemical engineering, bioreactors and associated technologies. We use this capability to build scalable processes to take new therapies from the laboratory to the clinic.

3D biology

Cellesce is leveraging the output of research programmes and associated capability at University of Bath and Cardiff University. This research is currently focused on organoids which provide a powerful new approach to high throughput drug screening and could ultimately be used in personalised medicine.

Organoid processing technology

Cellesce has built a scalable (patent pending) process for the expansion of organoids. Organoids are 3D cell structures grown from stem cells with organ-like characteristics that retain multiple features of normal and diseased tissues. We are exploring opportunities to deploy this technology across a range of applications.


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